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Common Law; Contract and Tort Case Study
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This 6 page paper examines a case study provided by the student. Two individuals aged seventeen and eighteen join a gym by paying a years membership and are injured before the gym closes after only three months of membership. The paper considers the contracts and if either party may be able to make a claim for a refund of membership fees and their potential claims for compensation of lost income as a result of injuries sustained. The bibliography cites 4 sources.
Filename: TEcontrt.wps

Company Law; A Case Study
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This 8 page English law paper considers the way in which remedy may be sought for an illegal contract and in response to illegal actions by a director. In the first instance the plaintiffs are seeking damages when a contract is formed with a non existent company, in the second question minority shareholders are seeking the return of transferred funds. The bibliography cites 3 sources.
Filename: TEcomlaw.wps

Consideration in UK Contract Law
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This 8 page paper looks at the doctrine of consideration in UK law. The writers explains what it is and how it operates and the role in plays in contract law. The bibliography cites 5 sources.
Filename: TEconcon.wps

Construction Of A Lease
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The legal means of differentiating property rights is done through contracts or, in the case of renting property, leases. This 6 page paper provides an overview of the essential elements in a lease. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: KTleases.wps

Constructive Eviction in the State of New York -- Incidental and Consequential Damages
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This 6 page report discusses the meaning of “constructive eviction” in the State of New York and the circumstances under which incidental or consequential damages may be available. In the most simplistic of explanations: “Constructive eviction occurs when residential rental property is an uninhabitable condition. The uninhabitable condition makes the property unsuitable to live [or work] in.” Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: BWevict.wps

Consumer law: second-hard cars
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A five page paper which looks at the rights and duties under UK consumer law of the buyer and the seller, particularly in terms of the purchase of second-hand cars. The paper also considers the dealer's liability with reference to the product recall of Firestone tyres in the USA.
Filename: JLfirestone.rtf

Contract Law, the “Battle of the Forms,” European Law, and the Value of a Uniform Code
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This 28 page report discusses the complications of contract law, especially in terms of international transactions. In the highly-competitive and globalized world of the 21st century, the alliances that exist between individuals, corporations, and even nations carry an enormous amount of consequence. Far too often, contract law has been modified to facilitate the use of standard form contracts to assure that the organization is held blameless in regard to actions undertaken by an individual or to serve the interests of one nation over those of another. Because of the switch from an industrial age economy to an information economy, the necessity for coherent, meaningful, and predictable legal rules for contracts that serve as the framework for the new economy has grown dramatically. The UCC of the United States is discussed along with United Nations’ Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods or CISG, the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts, and the Principles of European Contract Law. Each demonstrates a significant variance in content, nature and scope, but must be considered in terms of the modern and irreversible phenomenon of globalization. Bibliography lists 17 sources.
Filename: BWfralaw.wps

Copyright Laws and the Protection of the Music Industry
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7 pages. Because of the latest technological developments of the internet, computers, and other types of equipment, the protection of music by copyright law is becoming extremely tenuous. Now able to download virtually any song they want, teenagers and adults alike are copying not only single songs but entire albums from the internet - all for free, which means no payments to the record labels and no royalties for the musicians. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: JGAukcpy.wps

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