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Law Papers - Hundreds of Reports Available!
For A List Of Papers On Law, CLICK HERE!

How do I use this site to find papers?
Quickly & easily! Simply use the paper
list button above and within just a few seconds, an index of available papers covering virtually every topic of Law imaginable will appear!  As an alternative, utilize the topical buttons to your left--to focus in on something specific. Once you have our list on screen, simply choose any paper and click the appropriate "send me..." button to order and receive it TODAY!!! 

When will I actually receive the paper that I order?
As long as you provide us with a valid email address and/or a valid, working fax number, any paper you select will be received TODAY within just a few hours! Law-Papers.Com operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and guarantees same day delivery (of course, if you place an order at 11:30 pm, "a few hours later" technically implies the "next day" since it will be after midnight when our paper arrives)... Those who do not have access to an email address or to a fax machine can also opt for delivery via Federal Express as a somewhat slower third option. Please see our
order form for a complete and detailed list of options available...

What if I can't find anything on my particular topic?
If we don't already have it, we'll create it... QUICKLY!!! If you couldn't find what you were looking for among our hundreds of existing titles, select the customized papers option to have us write something NEW on ANYTHING YOU WANT! Whether you need assistance with your law topic by next week or even by tomorrow morning, we can help you! Put our team of talented contractors to work. Obtain a document packed with research, information, and ideas on YOUR topic and cite it as one source in your own paper!  

Do you know where I can get help with term papers
on topics other than Law?

We certainly do! Just click the paper links button at the top of any Law-Papers.Com screen to view more than one hundred other available help sites covering scores of different subject areas in more than 40,000 research paper & essay models!

Do you provide papers in languages other than English?
Any of the papers you find listed on this site can be translated into French, Portuguese, German, Italian, or Spanish.  Just choose the "translate" option near the bottom of our order form and we'll provide a second copy of our paper in any of those five languages! Keep in mind that all of our papers were originally written in English so machine translations may end up being a bit "rough."  Consequently, we'll still always send a backup copy of our paper in its native language so our foreign customers with some English proficiency can make comparisons appropriately...

How much do these law papers cost?
Papers found on our
list are only $9.95/pg with a free bibliography/works cited page! Customized help is $19.95/pg and also includes a free bibliography along with guaranteed pertinent content and turnaround time! See our customized help section for more information on the latter option.

How can I be more certain that the paper I'd like to
purchase will be useful?

Email us and let us know which of our paper(s) you have your eye on.. Within just a few hours, we'll send you a free, one page excerpt from the body of that same paper. If you have a particular question about a paper on our list, let us know that as well! We're always happy to provide information about any of our papers in advance of a customer's order.. We're proud of our work and we guarantee that all papers will reasonably match their catalogued descriptions. Ask us anything!

What are your terms of sale?
All existing and customized papers obtained from our company remain the intellectual property of The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc. located at 38 Parry Drive in Hainesport, New Jersey.  Students purchasing papers from this site are not only required to write their OWN unique papers on Law but to also cite The Paper Store as a source in their bibliographies.  Once a paper has been ordered, there exists no option for refund, credit, or cancellation since research/information is not a tangible item that can be re-stocked or "re-shelved."  We recommend that students request free, one page excerpts from any of our existing papers before making a purchase. 


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